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Amway Nutrilite Salmon Omega 3, 60 Softgels

  • Regular intake of Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 softgels provides you with Omega-3 fatty acids that help support normal triglyceride levels and heart health.
  • The Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 softgels combine Omega-3 fatty acids derived from salmon fish and a proprietary blend of three additional Omega-3 sources: anchovy, mackerel, and sardine.
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors

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What are the benefits of Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 softgels?

Due to our fast-paced lifestyles, our daily diet includes excess junk/processed food, high in Omega-6 fatty acids. On the other hand, Omega-3 fatty acids are a beneficial nutrient, often called a ‘good fat’. However, our bodies cannot synthesize it on their own and need to obtain it from food. Therefore, the levels of Omega-6 fatty acids and Omega-3 fatty acids in our bodies are imbalanced. NUTRILITE® Salmon Omega-3 Softgels is one way you can bridge the gap. It contains the desirable forms of essential Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), which have benefits like:

  • Supporting and maintaining normal heart health
  • Maintaining normal triglyceride levels
  • Supporting brain health

Who can consume the Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 softgels?

Potential users of NUTRILITE® Salmon Omega-3 Softgels include:

  • People who consume less Omega-3 fatty acids in their diet
  • Office executives on junk diets, middle age, old-age persons


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