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Kapiva Dia Free Juice, 1L | For Holistic Diabetes Care | Amla, Karela, Jamun, Guduchi & 7 More

  • SCIENCE-BACKED 11 POTENT AYURVEDIC HERBS: Kapiva Dia Free Juice is a blend of 11 Ayurvedic herbs that help in managing uncontrolled spikes in Blood sugar levels and eases out the complications of diabetes such as improper digestion, low energy, and weak immunity.
  • CONTROL BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS: Herbs such as Karela, Amla, Jamun, Tulsi, Guduchi, Methi and Belpatra, optimize the production of hormones by breaking down glucose from foods. Regular consumption of this juice can help in maintaining optimal sugar levels within 2 months of consumption.
  • 100% AYURVEDIC: This juice does not contain any added sugar or artificial taste-enhancers. It is 100% Ayurvedic and safe to be consumed along with your regular allopathic medications.
  • NATURALLY SOURCED INGREDIENTS: All ingredients are sourced from the choicest locations and mixed in the right proportions for maximum nutrition – Amla from Pratapgarh, Neem from Rajasthan, and so on. Each bottle of Dia Free Juice contains 45 Amlas, 24 Jamun Seeds, 1 Whole Karela and more – the best of herbs recommended in traditional texts to treat madhumeh.
  • HOW TO CONSUME: Mix 30ml Dia Free Juice with 30ml of water and consume it twice a day for long-term health benefits. If taken in the morning, should be taken on an empty stomach. Consume regularly for 4-8 weeks for best results.

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Dia Free Juice
Dia free Juice
Dia Free Juice
Dia Free Juice
Dia Free Juice
Dia Free Juice


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