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Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit Resin (20g)

  • HELPS TO STRENGTHEN & REVITALIZE – If you have found yourself constantly battling fatigue and lack of stamina, we’ve got you covered! Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit helps the retention of maximum muscle strength.
  • FULVIC ACID ENRICHED – Fulvic Acid which is the key ingredient in purified Shilajit has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER – Since Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit contains 80+ trace minerals, they contribute to help boost energy levels naturally, making you feel invigorated and fresh.
  • SOURCED FROM THE HIMALAYAS – Golden brown rocks which are rich in fulvic acid are collected from the highest altitudes of the Himalayas. A triphala decoction is then prepared and pieces of Shilajit rocks are added to it for purification. These rocks are then slow-cooked in clay pots, filtered and sun-dried.

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It’s sourced from the Great Himalayan Ranges, 16,000 – 18,000 feet above sea level. After being sourced in a short harvesting period from these extreme high altitude, it is then traditionally purified using the ancient Shodhana technique which produces 100% ultra-pure resin, using only Triphala in natural spring water and the sun.

Why Choose Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit?
Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit is the only Shilajit resin in the market which comes with an exclusive NABL lab test report with every purchase. It is GMP certified and contains 80+ trace minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Silica & more. Here are 4 at-home purity tests:

Soluble – Kapiva Shilajit when dissolved in warm milk/water and creates a golden/reddish liquid
Flexible – Kapiva shilajit melts in hand and becomes sticky in summers. In winter or when placed in the fridge, it becomes hard and shatters when struck. Kapiva’s Pure Shilajit holds its form and does not turn into clumps.
Flame Test – Kapiva Shilajit does not Burn. It will expand and give white smoke when burned but will not produce sparks. Shilajit resins with impurities and burns like a candle flame.
Resin Form (Form factor) – Kapiva Shilajit resin is the purest form of Shilajit with 100% Shilajit content. Most duplicate shilajit comes in powder forms. They contain 2-20% shilajit apart from additives and fillers.
Kapiva’s Ayurvedic and 100% Pure Himalayan Shilajit consists of naturally occurring minerals and nutrients to restore the balance between body and mind. It keeps you a cut above the rest with its effective and powerful Rasāyana (“rejuvenation”) properties.

Shilajit 20 gms
Shilajit 20 gms
Shilajit 20 gms
Shilajit 20 gms

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